Dustin Kardolus - Losing A Massive Amount of Weight (Twice)

Men Losing Weight Podcast - Dustin Kardolus

Back in high school, Dustin had a rough time as a short, overweight kid. He used to wear two t-shirts just to try to hide all the nervous sweat that poured out of him and was super self-conscious about all that he ate and did around his classmates.

His weight continued to balloon after school, eating out and partying every day.  Then, after starting to go to the gym with a workmate - and just about collapsing after 5 min on a treadmill - he realized that he needed to address his health.

After losing over 50 lbs, Dustin got married and stopped paying attention to his fitness. He ended up at 300 lbs, nearly 40 lbs more than his previous high weight. At that point, he decided to take his health seriously again.

During our chat Dustin digs into:

  • Why he turned his health around after conversations with his wife
  • The first steps he took to get healthy
  • How small changes were the pillar of his success (and how big changes can lead to failure)
  • His advice for people who've previously lost weight but gained it all back

Thanks for listening!