Colton Anderson - From Overweight Football Player to Lean Machine


Like many overweight adult folks, Colton grew up on the chubbier side of life. By the time he'd graduated high school he was still overweight but managed to secure a spot on a college football team.

A couple of years into his college career, Colton had a not-so-awesome chat with his coach that started him down the path of a healthy lifestyle. His is a fascinating story.

During our chat, Colton digs into:

  • Why previous weight loss attempts failed, and how they actually can lead to weight gain.
  • The unexpected meeting with his football coach that made him take action on his weight loss dreams.
  • The foods he ate and workouts he did to lose weight, plus the reaction of his football coach when he showed up nearly 100 lbs lighter than his previous weigh in.

Thanks for listening!