Welcome to the Men Losing Weight Podcast

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Hey, there! Welcome to the Men Losing Weight podcast. Roy here — thanks for dropping by! 😀

Yes, I know that there are lots of weight loss podcasts out there…but, I don’t think there’s anything quite like MLW. 

This podcast is 100% intended for men like me who want to (or need to) lose 50+ pounds. 

That probably sounds overly specific, but that’s the intention. For many overweight men, getting the motivation and inspiration to make a massive life change (such as losing 50+ pounds) can feel overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that it’s easy to just never start.

This podcast is designed to help guys get started and keep going with their fitness journey, and ultimately, their life journey.

Men Losing Weight Podcast

Every week you’ll get one or two episodes where you’ll:

  • Learn from everyday guys who’ve turned their lives around through weight loss. 
  • Hear the struggles that led to their weight gain.
  • Discover the triggers that got them to turn their lives around.
  • How about the approaches they each used to get healthier.
  • Plus, a few more surprises!

If you enjoy the podcast, feel free to connect with the community through @menlosingweightpod on Instagram!

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